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Europe’s Cathedral Architecture

Week 6 Discussion

“Europe’s Cathedral Architecture”

Please respond to the following, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:

Identify the key functions of stained glass windows in the Gothic style in Europe’s cathedral architecture. Identify two (2) differences between the Romanesque and Gothic cathedral structures, and discuss which you prefer and the reasons why. Identify one (1) existing structure (the closer to your home the better) that is Romanesque or Gothic, and explain the features that support your identification.


Gothic Style of Cathedral Architecture

Chapter 12 (pp. 407-413), Stained glass windows; review Week 6 Music Folder
Stained glass windows at

Key differences between Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals at


Please be sure to use Template for Discussion Week 6
Minimum of 125 Words

Week 6 Discussion Template

Hello Awesome Classmates and the wonderful and amazing Dr. C (Ok, so you don’t have to use those cool adjectives, lol), here is my main post to the Week 6 Discussion: “Europe’s Cathedral Architecture”

Key functions of stained glass windows

Well there are two main areas to discuss in this section. Assess how stained glass provided an opportunity to increase the amount of light within buildings, especially Gothic style buildings. Another key function of stained glass was that it gave the church an opportunity. Think about this, how do you teach lessons on Christianity to a population that was largely illiterate? Even the mass, which was conducted in Latin, was not a language most people could understand.

Two structural differences between Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals

Ok, here you can assess the overall design. One structure is very solid, almost like a fortress, with few windows and thick solid walls. Think about how one would feel inside such a structure, dark and lit by hundreds of candles. Then talk about Gothic architecture, stretching higher and higher in the sky, with lots of windows, light etc. Then think about how people felt sitting inside one of these structures

I prefer (Gothic or Romanesque) style because

For this section specifically say which style you prefer and then elaborate a bit as to why

An example of (Romanesque or Gothic) architecture near me is (Charleston, SC

Ok, this section should be easy, especially for Gothic style buildings. Many churches in your area, especially Catholic ones are probably Gothic in style. Public buildings, like a courthouse or library might be more Romanesque in nature. This would be a great spot to include a picture. You can certainly use Google to find a picture of a building your local area to add to your post. So clearly identify the name of the building, the location of it and which style you think it best represents

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