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Keeping an Eye on Particles


1. Describe the behavior of the food coloring in each glass.
2. What were the similarities and differences between the glasses?
3. How can you explain the differences in appearance and behavior?

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Section Warm-Up
Journal: Keeping an Eye on Particles
You will need the following materials:
Two clear jars or glasses
Food coloring or dark-colored drink mix crystals
Hot and cold water

Follow these steps:

Fill one glass with cool water. Set the glass aside for one minute.
Fill one glass with hot water (use hot water from the faucet or heat room-temperature water in the microwave for one minute). Set the glass aside for one minute.
Add a drop of food coloring or pinch of drink mix crystals to each glass of water. Observe the motion of the food coloring for a two-minute period. Record your observations.
Leave each glass undisturbed and check back after 5 minutes. Record your observations of the appearance of each glass.’

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Last Updated on April 25, 2020

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