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Application of Leadership and Management

The essay is about a reflective journal of personal development which critically evaluates the relevance of the alternative experience to your developmental needs.
1. Self evaluate, reflect and apply knowledge of effective leadership qualities to innovations in service delivery. you should begin the assignment by utilising tools such as those who were given on day one of the module to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses in terms of leadership and innovative service delivery. you should explore whether one or more weakness that hold you back in terms of your future ambitions as a leader or in terms of meeting the needs of the service to be innovative. contextualise this in terms of current political environment by exploring why innovative service delivery needs good leadership skills. don’t forget to discuss how you will use reflection within the assignment e.g the use of journal extracts, models (or not) etc.. include belbin scores, personal goals etc in an appendix, what is happening in NHS?why is innovation & leadership importnant?
2. Demonstrate understanding on how to lead and motivate a team to achieve a responsive and strategic service–reflect on your strengths and weaknesses in terms of team working and leadership, identify areas of personal development–link to belbin . consider the attributes of a leader from your alternative visit/experience, and reflect on the leadership qualities that you have observed and how you might be able to utilise that learning in your future practice to help you to address an identified area for personal development, e.g you could reflect on observed change being implemented whilst on your alternative visit/experience and consider the skills you might need to develop if you had to lead such a change.
you reflective journal should help you consider the importance of good leadership skills on the motivation of a team. analysing what you have learned in terms of motivating the staff within a team. this might for example be linked to how a team requires a range of attributes and how a good leader can identify and utilise the strengths of different team members , motivating them to help achieve a specific goal or managing change aimed at achieving a more responsive and strategic service and the motivation required from within the team to bring that about–why is a well led team likely to be more highly motivated.
3. understand the context and challenges of the political environment in relation to changes and innovation. your assignment should reflect on how the political climate is affecting service delivery. you should demonstrate your awareness of the current political climate in terms of on going change and reflect on why understanding this is important in terms of leadership e.g consider the messages that a leader may need to deliver to a team in respect of such change or the pressure that the political climate might have on a leader —think about the messages from key reports.
Comments: whilst the assignment is a reflective study use of I may be wholly appropriate, it also needs to be written in a professional style, maintaining anonymity of other team members, it should be correctly referenced, using a range of relevant and appropriate literature to support your arguments.
Note: I work as a senior nurse in an accident and emergency department for 13 years, managing students and newly qualified staff, In the belbin self perception inventory I am a shaper and a complete finisher. any information needed you can send me messages to my email address.

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