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Your final exam has two parts: (a) a speech and (b) you will question and evaluate one of your peers.

The world has experience a number of leaders. Some are long gone but their leadership style is etched in the memory of the

citizens of the world. Select one leader who has impacted the world in which we live. As you examine the leadership style, do so

in light of the theories of leadership. You should use no less than four sources to inform your work.
We will start the exam delivery during the last week of class and end on the official scheduled date of exam that is from April 2-

Part A. (80 points)
Delivery – 20
Visuals – 20
The Presentation Itself – 40

You willconduct a research on a leader based on the directives given below. There should only be one leader per student. Use this

information to write a speech that gives us information about the leader. With the use of visuals, you will deliver an8 minute

manuscriptspeech about this leader.
These are areas that must be covered in the speech:
1. Start with a definition of leadership and an identification of some leadership styles.
2. Say something about the current state of leadership in the world.
3. Choose a leader: give the leader’s name, title, nationality, and period in history.
4. Describe the significant social conditions that prevailed in his or her time.
5. Identify any particular leadership theory that best describe this leader.
6. Identify the leadership style of the leader.
7. For what changes did this leader advocate?
8. Mention any memorable speech made by the leader.
9. Evaluate the leader’s success and the leader’s impact. Would you consider the leader a great person or a villain?
10. Include visuals that are relevant to your topic.
11. References page.
12. Your delivery- volume, clarity, expressiveness, personal appearance,eye contact, posture, gesture, movement, etc.
Part B – 20 points.
• Using the assigned evaluation sheet, evaluate one of your peers.(5 points)
• You will also ask your peer one (3) questions. Questions must be higher order skills questions. See Bloom’s Taxonomy for

higher order skills.(15 points). We will do a random picking by way of exchange of names for the student that you will ask the

Total = 100 Points
You will drop your speech into Safe Assign before you present. Hand me a printed copy when you are about to present.

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