Global Societies

This powerpoint needs to be set out in three sections i.e., human rights, moral values, individual entitlements. The powerpoint needs to be 12-14 slides with an accompanying word document detailing the powerpoint further in order for me to present it to my class
It does not need to go into as much detail as an essay as it is for me to do a presentation, so bullet points with a description underneath, still needs to have referencing in but just needs to be easy to follow for me to make a powerpoint and present an oral presentation.
this assessment requires you to research and evaluate the effects of globalisation on each of the following areas:-
Human rights – looking at slavery and use examples such as the recent cases in london and america look at globalisation effects
Moral values – rape and murder of young women in india, use examples, look at media and government etc
Individual entitlements – irish travellers i.e. children, education, conflict between travellers and settled individuals use examples
the above are three seperate topics and they do not need to be compared with each other
You must give a presentation which uses current and pertinent examples, one example as stated above to highlight the effect of globalisation. It is suggested that examples are drawn from the global media and referenced via keynote articles
A portfolio should be created which includes copies of keynote articles.
The following need to be covered:-
1. identify the importance of rights, moral values and individual entitlements
2. analyse and evaluate how the growth of multinational companies is affecting societies and individuals
3. illustrate the extent to which global societies are being shaped by cultural influences
4. assess the ways in which environmental issues, such as sustainable development impact upon social perceptions and behaviours
5. analyse the connection between urbanisation and socio/ economic development
6. discuss the impact upon societies of the mass global media and information technology
7. assess the influence of the major world religions upon the development of culture
8. evaluate the legacy of colonialism across less economically developed countries
all the above eight points need to be covered in the powerpoint and word document

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