Android mobile application for enhancing students academic experience

Android mobile application for enhancing students academic experience

The application will be called classmate and aims for enhancing the student’s academic experience within higher education institutes in terms of group assignment and time managements, as well as academic weaknesses identification. The application must include the following features:

1- Group Work Assignments:

In this feature, if a module contains a group work assignment as part of the course; then the lecturer must be able to assign the members for each group. Consequently, the app must then create a private chat window for each group and scan each member’s timetable to identify the mutual free hours within the weekly working hours(8:00 to 14:00). Once the mutual free hours are identified, then the application should show a list of possible meeting hours regarding to their mutual free hours.

2- Assessment Calendar:

Here, at the beginning of each semester the application should import the dates of assessments submission deadlines and closed book tests from an excel sheet or the database. Those dates must be assigned as events on a calendar and be displayed to each student regarding the modules he/she is taking with the current semester. The app then must send instant notifications at the beginning of each week with all the submission deadlines and CBTs that must be done at the current week.

3- Results Evaluation sheet:

Here, once assignments are submitted by students and then evaluated by the lecturer; the lecturer must be able to take a picture for each student assignment evaluation sheet which will be then displayed to each student.

Android mobile application

Its notable that I’ve done a part of the application including the following:

1- Initial design of the application including the app’s logo and menu layouts.
2- Connecting the app with firebase for login.
3- Chat window that is connected to firebase, but needs manipulation in order to create private chat window for each group. The current version is just a public chat window for all users.
4- I used a custom calendar library, where it also needs manipulation in terms of retrieving multiple events dates from the database and set them on the calendar. As well as setting up instant notifications.

The application’s source file is available on gitlab and will be provided once an agreement is set.

There are some important aspects that should be considered including:

1- each semester a student can take from 1 to 4 modules.

2- the application requires a sqlite database to be created and connected to.

3- The assessments calendar must not allow students to edit the static assessments dates which are already set by the college.

4-The assessments dates must be shown as special events on the calendar with particular badges to differentiate the type of assessment. For example a book icon refers to closed book test, A paper icon refers to assignment submission deadline…etc

Android mobile application for enhancing students academic experience

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