Medical Billing Ethics

For our discussion for this Module consider the following scenario:

You are a medical biller employed at a cancer clinic, and also a member of a private group hosted on a social networking site. Mary is a patient at your clinic. While Mary is not a member of your social networking group, she is a friendly acquaintance of all the group members and has attended many parties and community events with various members of the group.

At these events, she has been very open about her cancer, her treatment, and her prognosis. It has been several months since the group members have seen Mary. One day Mary comes into the cancer clinic for a follow-up appointment while you are working. She encourages you to let “the gang” know that she is doing well. The easiest way for you to convey this great update is via the group’s private site. What would you do?

Option 1: Go ahead and post the happy update to the group page; after all, Mary said it was okay.

Option 2: Don’t put yourself at risk by us

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Last Updated on April 25, 2020

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