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Analysis of Tim O’Brien’s novel and Wilfred Owen’s poem

English Essay #4

You’ll write a 2-3 page, typed, MLA-formatted essay in which you analyze the author’s perspectives on war depicted in Tim O’Brien’s novel, The

Things They Carried and Wilfred Owen’s poem, Dulce et Decorum est.

That means you’ll compare and contrast writer’s O’Brien and Owen’s perspective on war as their written works illuminate and make a case for them.

What and how these writers wrote illuminates their perspective on war. Think about what’s there and what’s not in each writer’s piece, what they

did and didn’t do and say. Through (the structure of) your comparison and contrast essay, analyze the writers’ individual style, tone, content, and

imagery to support your claims.

Think through a plan of approach for each work (annotate the work/sections of the work)
Use specific references to each work when comparing and analyzing
Create a more sophisticated thesis statement (one that differs from the follow: The two works have the same style, tone, and imagery…)
Write an outline, if helpful, or bucket set of notes, that include references to pages/line numbers that you may consider using before you start

writing. Also include notes on each of the works
Decide on a method for comparison/contrast: block or point by point
Leave it alone for a bit and then come back and work on it again. Continue this pattern.
Writing center/conference with me (not the day the essay is due)

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