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Bradbury, “The Pedestrian”

-Review/reread the texts from this unit.

-Decide on a pair of texts (you can choose any two of the texts by Bradbury, Thoreau, London, Jewett, Erdrich, Owen, or Howells).

  • Bradbury, “The Pedestrian”
  • Thoreau, “Solitude”
  • London, “To Build a Fire”
  • Jewett, “A White Heron”
  • Erdrich, “The Red Convertible”
  • Owen, “Dulce Et Decorum Est”
  • Howells, “Editha”

-Brainstorm a theme or issue that they share, but then go further and think about how one text impacts your understanding of the other. For example, if you were going to write an essay using Bradbury and Thoreau, you might think about how the issue of solitude and reflection help you to understand why Mr. Mead leaves his house to go on walks. If you were to connect Owen and Erdrich, you might decide to write about how Owen’s descriptions of being on the battlefield explain what happens to Henry. There are many ways to connect/combine the texts, but it’s a good idea to first identify a common theme or issue and then ask yourself questions about how one text shapes your understanding or raises questions about the second text.

-Identify the specific ways in which the texts address the particular theme or issue.

-Identify key passages in both texts to support your understanding/analysis.


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