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Compare and Contrast English Essay

Comparison/Contrast Essay

Assignment Details

Description:  Expand your descriptive paragraph into a full essay by comparing your favorite city with another city of your choosing. Pretend that you are recommending to a classmate or work colleague that they should visit one of these cities over the other. Use point-by-point organization to help show your reader the differences and/or similarities between the two cities, ultimately making the argument that one is the better place to go than the other.


Note: When writing a comparison/contrast essay, it’s easy to write an inadequate thesis that merely notes that the two things have similarities, differences, or both.  Instead, your thesis must make a specific argument (i.e., express a specific opinion) about the two things you are comparing.  In other words, explain what conclusion you come to through comparing and contrasting these two cities.  What benefits or shortcomings does the comparison/contrast perhaps show about the cities?



Read Chapter 11: “Writing an Essay” and the “Comparison and Contrast” section of Chapter 12: “Different Essay Patterns: Part One” in your Along These Lines text to prepare for this assignment.


Assessment:  Your grade will derive from your abilities to compare/contrast successfully your two cities using a variety of specific details and examples, to argue a clear claim/thesis (your recommendation) through the comparison and/or contrast, and to organize your thoughts in an effective point-by-point style and proper use of transitions to help your reader clearly understand your argument.


Requirements:  You should submit a 500-word essay, typed and double-spaced.  Use Times New Roman font in 12-pt size.  Format your paper according to MLA guidelines.




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