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In 1764, the Sugar Act required the colonies to pay a heavy tariff on various raw materials and manufactured products imported from foreign countries. In 1765, the Stamp Act imposed the first direct tax on the colonists themselves. Given that the American colonies were under British rule, why did the colonists find these acts problematic to the point of protest? Discuss the degree to which the colonists were reasonable in their fierce opposition to the legislation of the British.

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Compare and contrast arguments for and against the legitimacy of revolutionary actions of the colonists.

Discuss how three of the acts of the British Parliament ultimately led to the American Revolution.

In the original draft of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson (despite owning slaves) indicted King George III for engaging in and perpetuating slavery, particularly in terms of “violating the most sacred rights of life and liberty.” Discuss the purpose of including this indictment of the British slave trade. Also discuss why this section was omitted from the final document.

Discuss the ways in which the Framers of the Constitution were committed to the concept of equality as well as inequality.

To what degree were the Framers of the Constitution representative of the population of the United States? Provide specific evidence.

Who was Prince Hall and what did he attempt to do prior to the development of the Constitution? What is the significance of the denial of his request to provide aid?

Discuss the reasons the first new government in America was a confederation, rather than a unitary form of government. Provide examples to highlight your argument.

Under the Articles of Confederation, what was the purpose of allowing for a government that could enact laws but not enforce them?

What was Shays’s Rebellion? Describe precisely how it affected the government that was in place at the time, as well as the formation of the new government.

Describe the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation. What changes did the Framers institute to make the federal government different under the Constitution?

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Your textbook notes, he Framers were threatening their own privileged status by deciding to replace the government in which many of them served and to shift power away from the states they represented.” Discuss this quote and the ways in which developing a new government was and was not a risky endeavor for these individuals.

Explain the importance of the main procedural decisions that were made at the beginning of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia Be sure to demonstrate how they influenced the outcome of the convention.

Describe the Virginia Plan, the New Jersey Plan, and the Connecticut Plan (Great Compromise). How do these relate to our current form of government? Be sure to refer to the Seventeenth Amendment’s population election of Senators.

What issue arose in the midst of determining how to determine the population base in the House of Representatives? Describe how this issue was resolved and why there was significant debate over this issue.

Discuss what the Three-Fifths Compromise suggested about the role of slaves under the newly formed government. Be sure to reference the issues of life, liberty, and property.

Describe the debate between the Federalists and the Antifederalists.

Explain the importance of the supremacy clause and how it influences the amount of power each level of government holds. Given the purpose of the clause, why do we not consider the U.S. Constitution to structure a unitary form of government?

Explain the connection between enumerated and implied powers. What effect do these powers have on the outcomes of the struggle between national and state government power?

Discuss three of the amendments that have been created to increase constitutional protections and equality for three different groups.

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