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The Boston Tea Party Redux

The Boston Tea Party was arguably the greatest and best-known publicity stunt of all time, and certainly one that changed the course of history. When American colonists threw crates of tea leaves from a British trade ship into Boston Harbor to protest excessive British taxation, the action was significant — but the message it sent was more important still. It demonstrated Samuel Adams’ mastery of opinion-swaying techniques.

To refresh your memory, you can learn more about the Boston Tea Party here.

For this assignment, you are asked to go back in time and take today’s social media tools with you. Write a two-page paper where you identify the traditional media that Samuel Adams and company used to reinforce their point that “taxation without representation is tyranny.” As Sam’s assistant from the 21st century, discuss what social media and other new media tools you’d recommend to help the early American colonists deliver their message effectively.

Cite outside sources, as needed.


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