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Business Studies Capstone project

Singer, A. E. (2010). Integrating ethics and strategy: A pragmatic approach. Journal of Business Ethics, 92(4), 479-491.

Holme, C. (2008). Business ethics – part one: Does it matter? Industrial and Commercial Training, 40(5), 248-252

Holme, C. A. (2008). Business ethics – part two: Making it part of your strategy. Industrial and Commercial Training, 40(6), 303-309.

Write the Business Law, Social Responsibility,Ethics/Ethics issues, Operations Management and Information Systems and Technology, Health Care Management related topics section of the project paper.

1. Analyze organizational systems in the areas of operations management and information systems.
2. Demonstrate the use of concepts learned in Health Care Management related topic
3. Compose a values/ethics statement for PayPal organization.
4. Justify the benefits of social responsibility for PayPal organization.
5. Analyze how a code of ethics could impact day-to-day operations.

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