Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

After reviewing the academic integrity guidelines in the Week 2 module, answer the following questions:

Which ideas of academic integrity do you agree with the most? Which do you not agree with?

In your opinion, which university has the best academic integrity statement? Why? Which university has the worst academic integrity statement? Why?

How is academic integrity different in the U.S. than it is in other cultures that you are familiar with?

What questions do you have about academic integrity?

At the end of your discussion post, please ask a question that others may choose to respond to. (Question 4 above is also a good place for people to respond if they feel they have an answer to that question).

For example, it can be something that you didn’t quite understand that someone else might be able to add information to in order to clarify, or it can be you asking someone’s opinion on one particular part of the discussion, etc.

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