Written Reflection

Reflection #1


  • Your reflection is due by Tuesday, February 14, 2018 @ 1330 (1:30 p.m.)
  • Reflections are to be three (3)- up to four (4) pages in length- not including the title page and the reference list.
  • Reflection needs to be submitted to Turnitin as a word document.
  • Please ensure you submit to the final submission for reflection #1 on Turnitin.
  • You do NOTneed to email a Turnitin receipt.
  • Scholarly writing and use of APA format is required.
  • Please enclose a personal ethics statement on the title page of your reflection.
  • You may put the following integrity statement on the title page:
    • I have maintained Academic Integrity in my work by adhering to the values of honesty and integrity. I declare that this work respects APA requirements as well as policies within the School of Health Sciences.
    • Student Signature: your name electronically is fine here
    • Student Number:
    • Date:
  • Review the posted rubric for further guidance.
  • Only the article by Markland etal is required, although feel free to add additional literature if you wish to your reference list.

Topic for discussion in your reflection

  • Please view the following you tube video:
  • Utilizing the article by Markland et al, how were the 3 psychological needs of the Self-Determination Theory met (or not met)? Support your answer with the literature.

Article: Markland, D., Ryan, R. M., Tobin, V. J., &Rollnick, S. (2005). Motivational interviewing and self-determination theory. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 24(6), 811-831

  • Where do you think the client is in terms of the continuum of autonomy according to the Self-Determination Theory in the article by Markland et al? Support your answer with the literature.

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