The sensory systems


Answer each question with at least 70 words.
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• 1.Jeremy grew up in an area where the land was flat. Sally grew up a large city with tall buildings. How may their depth perception be different? How does this illustrate the concepts of object recognition and visual perception?
• 2. Yes, the next two weeks have a lot of reading. So maybe reading is not the best way to learn this material? Perhaps you should consider another approach. Think of learning in Weeks 3 and 4 as a “research project” with the assignments being the product of that research. Would this change your approach?
• 3. Describe The sensory systems and how we hear the things we hear.
• 4. Describe the biological process of our movements.
• 5. Class, Is everypart of our brain “critical”? What is the special important of certain areas like the thalamus? What is the special important of certain primary pathways to sensory imput?
• 6. Give Examples of previous Question
• 7. There are two major pathways of sensory data into our brains. What are they?
• 8. Regarding the previous question, how does the information get to the thalamus?

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