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5 Methods of Communication

The Methods of Communication are: Listening, Writing, Talking, Reading, and Non-Verbal.

Listening – speaking by using words and terminology that others can comprehend

Talking – the ability to read and comprehend the written word

Writing – tone and inflection of one’s voice facial expression, posture and eye contact

Non-Verbal – using the written word in a manner that others can understand the intended message

Reading – the ability to hear and understand what the speaker is saying

Review the five methods of communication you would use in the given scenarios:

Scenario 1: An irate customer comes to your store and is very upset with a defect in a product he ordered. Which method of communication would be the most effective to use with this customer? (Listening)

Scenario 2: A customer is in your store looking for a new computer. You quickly surmise that the customer’s first language is not English and in addition he appears to not have a clear understanding of the type or brand of computer he is looking for. Which method of communication would be the most effective to use with this customer? (Talking)

Scenario 3: On your store’s Facebook page, a customer comments on your store’s appearance and how disrespectful the salesperson was during a recent visit. Which method of communication would be the most effective to use with this customer? (Writing)

Scenario 4: A customer comes into your store looking for a new phone. He appears overly confident about his knowledge level. When you approach him, he looks at you in a condescending manner. Which method of communication is being displayed by this customer? (Non-verbal)

Scenario 5: You need to take two online courses available from your employer about Customer Service. You need to receive an “A” in both courses. You must write five components that you will use for the Final Course Project. Which method of communication will you use to complete your assignments?


Discuss the importance of communication in Customer Service.


In order to provide excellent service to customers, a business must have employees who are able to effectively communicate with those customers. Looking at the five methods of communication (Listening, Talking, Writing, Non-Verbal, and Reading), write a paper that includes 2-3 paragraphs for each method of communication. Please include an explanation on why communication is important in the introduction. Also, please include a conclusion that summarizes your paper.


  1. Included paragraph(s) for each of the methods of communication with clear examples.
  2. Did include an explanation for the importance of clear communication using examples and research for support.
  3. Did include an introduction and conclusion, including examples and/or research for support.


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