WWII and Postwar America Review & Test

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WWII and Postwar America Review & Test Question 1

This ad from World War II illustrates one way that Americans supported the war effort. First, write a sentence or two
explaining how this citizen in the ad supported the war effort from his own backyard. Support with clear examples
from the ad & your historical knowledge.

Then, in two or three sentences, explain other ways citizens at home contributed to the war effort during WWII.
Include at least two examples.

Korea and Vietnam War Comparison and Contrast

WWII and Postwar America Review & Test Question 2

The Second World War led to new humanitarian concerns.

Discuss how both the Universal Declaration of Rights and the creation of Israel were reactions to World War ll.
Support with clear historical details/evidence.

Universal Declaration of Rights (5 points)
Creation of Israel (5 points)

Overview of the Post-War Era

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