Gender and Philosophy

Gender and Philosophy Comparative Paper Prompt:


Compare the interaction between biology and culture in Weheliye’s work and that of Fausto-Sterling? What similarities do you see? What differences do you see?

What might account for those differences?

Make sure you include supporting textual evidence from each of the texts. If you are doing option 1 you might even want to discuss passages side by side to strengthen your argument.

If you are doing option 2 it will serve you well to unpack Wehelieye’s arguments first and then apply them to Fausto-Sterling’s arguments.

Your arguments should take a position and make a claim, but they should also be nuanced and acknowledge that you cannot exhaust these topics in the space of your papers.

Paper requirements:

  1. Have a clear claim expressed early in your paper
  2. Give unpack and cite textual evidence to support your claim
  3. Have a conclusion and a kind of “so-what” to your paper. Why does what you are claiming matter for thinking about philosophy, and gender and philosophy?
  4. 4-6 pages at Times New Roman 12 point font, double spaced, with 1” margins
  5. Make sure you are using proper spelling and grammar. Proofread your papers before you hand them in.
  6. MLA or Chicago citation style. If you prefer another style you must tell me which one via email and stay consistent throughout.



Last Updated on March 17, 2018

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