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Writing assignment essay-02

Assignment Directions:

Even though they may not explicitly refer to each other, our readings deal with similar topics within a larger debate about science, technology, culture, language, meaning, and humanity.

This paper asks you to discuss two course texts to help you explore a Question at Issue you are thinking about responding to in your Argumentative Essay 2. The basic format for this essay will be to:

  1. In your Introduction paragraph, state and contextualize your Question at Issue(the Q@I, stated as a question, should be the last sentence in your first P). This Q@I will be derived from our discourse community– class discussions, reading assignments, your own ideas—and be a stasis question.
  2. Demonstrate how a couple of our assigned readings shape this Q@I, what responses they may provide to the Q@I, and/or different ways of thinking about it. In other words, explain how you’re thinking about this Q@I by using a couple readings as your main touchstones.
  • To anchor your discussion of possible responses in textual evidence, you will engage with two assigned texts by providing direct quotes, citations, summary, and analysis. At least one of the texts must be from our second essay unit. Be sure to discuss and carefully analyze the quotes you provide so your reader knows what’s important about them–help them see the quotes and ideas through your eyes.

Minimum Assignment Requirements, VERY IMPORTANT !!!!:

  • Complete assignment as directed above [state and explore Q@I; use direct quotes from at least 2 assigned texts (1 from second unit) to discuss context and significance of Q@I; provide clear summary and analysis of each quote].
  • at least 700 words or 2 full pages in length.
  • Meet course formatting guidelines (see syllabus).
  • MLA style in-text citations and Works Cited page (separate page, doesn’t count toward pg. min)


Frankenstein need to read only one article, chosen from the list. :

page 28-44,

page 97-109,

page 120-125,

page 138-146,

page 201-207,

page 215-221.

The other 2 readings have to read.


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