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Midterm Social and Political Philosophy

Write an essay of 6 to 8 pages (double-spaced) in which you compare and Contrast Machiavelli The Prince with Rousseau Discourse on the Origin of Inequality. Work closely with the text, and use one specific contemporary example of an important social issue (such as the income disparity between men and women) to discuss how each thinker would relate to this issue.

– You may relate to an external resource for the example, but otherwise you should only refer to the texts discussed in class (as well as your notes).

– This is an essay, so include 1) an introduction with an argumentative thesis, 2) a body consisting of numerous paragraphs that argue for your thesis and provides textual evidence and 3) a conclusion that returns to the thesis and comes to a new insight.

– Use a minimum of 5 quotes throughout the essay (which is your textual evidence).

Last Updated on March 12, 2020

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