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Writing and Journal Assignments

There has been a recent increase in the understanding of the role of bone remodeling that has opened possible therapeutic approaches that may yield new drugs for clinical use in the foreseeable future. RANKL inhibitors (e.g. the monoclonal antibody, denosumab). In a 2-page paper, explore the role of this class of medications in the management of osteoporosis. Discuss the current FDA approvals, if applicable, and the potential adverse events effects associated with this class of drugs. Additionally select a peer-reviewed research article (published within the last 5 years) related to this class of drugs and briefly summarize its findings.

Your paper should be double-spaced, with one-inch margins, 12 point “Times New Roman” font, and correctly follow APA formatting. Your thoughts and ideas should be supported by at least one scholarly research article on the topic. Please note all written assignments should contain in-text citations in accordance with APA format. A title and reference paper should be included as well. Save your assignment with the file name “Wk10Assign_YourLastName” as a Microsoft Word document and submit through the associated assignment link.


Writing and Journal Assignments Grading Rubric

Writing and Journal Assignments Grading Rubric
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTopic
6.0 pts

Addresses all elements of the topic

4.0 pts

Addresses most elements of the topic

2.0 pts

Addresses few elements of the topic

6.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQuality
7.0 pts

Detailed, demonstrates comprehension

5.0 pts

Moderate detail; demonstrated limited comprehension

3.0 pts

Vague with minimal detail; does not demonstrate comprehension

7.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGrammar/Spelling
2.0 pts

No formatting or spelling errors

1.0 pts

Minimal grammar and/or spelling erors

0.0 pts

Poor grammar and/or spelling errors

2.0 pts
Total Points: 15.0


Notes from the teacher

Welcome to Week 10 of the course…you made it…..double digits; you are 3/4 of the way there.  We have 5 weeks left of the semester.  I thank you all for your continued hard work and dedication to the course amidst PA school, clinical practice, and a ton of other family/social, etc. obligations.  I promise you, your efforts will pay off as you complete their MMS.  Many doors will be opened.  I am in the process of reviewing/grading both the Discussion Board postings as well as the writing assignment from last week.  I will look to have completed, feedback returned, and grades posted by mid-week.

This week we will turn our attention to another common entity encountered in PA clinician practice, osteoporosis.  Much has changed in recent years as far as the approach to recognition, management, and diagnosis.  Please read and review the Modules/Course Content, Week 10 for the required readings and supplemental materials which will help you this week.  As customary in the course, you will have assignments.  Please make sure you are timely with your submission of work, responses and that you are following the assignments guidelines as posted. Also, at this juncture, we should be fine tuning and honing our overall APA formatting and style.


  1. Discussion Board Post & Responses—you will review a patient scenario concerning a request for treatment of her osteoporosis with an “alternative” treatment regimen.  This situation is not uncommon in clinical practice and is not unique to this disease process alone.  Please be thoughtful in both your responses as well as your individual post which needs to be posted by Wednesday.
  2. Writing assignment—you will explore a newer class of medication in management of osteoporosis, RANKL inhibitors.  This drug class has now widened the options available for patients and clinicians.

Please continue to reach out with any issues, questions, or concerns.  We are almost there…keep up your hard work and dedication.  I do truly hope all of you are enjoying the course, finding the format better then just quiz and test after test like the typical pharma class.  Have a great week.




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