Prokofiev’s ballet, and Prokofiev’s musical suites

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1) Discuss the three versions of Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare’s play, Prokofiev’s ballet, and Prokofiev’s musical suites) that we covered in class: make sure to discuss specific examples from each, focusing on the sections covered most
2) Focus on differences in your reception of these different works; that is, reflect on what each accomplishes from an expression standpoint–what advantages does each have in expressive power? What disadvantages? This should be as much a reflection (using specific examples, of course) as regurgitation of information.

I. Introductory paragraph and thesis statement II. Body of the paper (discussion of approaches, discussion of musical or textual examples, always relating these to your thesis statement) III. Conclusion paragraph
It must be 4-5 pages in length (your grade will suffer from not meeting the minimum number of pages or from going over the maximum—keep your prose focused and precise)
You must use Times New Roman font, size 12
You must double-space the document
You must create an original title (Paper 2 is not a title)
You may use a title page or include the title on p. 1 (your title, or title page, does not count towards the total length of the paper)

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