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Soccer as a Fine Art

Soccer as a Fine Art (SPLT-050D-A)




Answer two of the four questions using two professional pages for each answer –letter page, double space and 12 points font size. Bring them to class printed on Monday, March 26th.


Return to the materials read in class, think seriously and write good answers, quoting your sources clearly.


This are the questions:


  1. “Every sacred space implies a hierophany, an interruption of the sacred that results in detaching a territory from the surrounding cosmic milieu and making it qualitatively different”, says MicreaEliade in The Sacred and The Profane referring to the spacial characteristics of a cult place.”

Explain the previous quote and find an example of a sacred space for the civilian cult of football in Eduardo Galeano’sSoccer in Sun and Shadow and another one in any other of the readings or films studied until now in class.



  1. Develop Benedict Anderson’s concept of an “imagined community” in the context of John Ford’s 1981 movie Victory or thinking in what Eduardo Galeano has to say about the 1930 World Cup in Uruguay in Soccer in Sun and Shadow. Then confront those examples with any cases we have read about in which football has been used as part of a propaganda machinery in Latin America.



  1. Can we speak about Apollonian beauty and Dionysian intoxication in the case of football? Develop both concepts and draw examples form the materials read in class and John Ford’s Victory. Simon Critchley’s meditations on Heidegger’s notion of “instant” in What We Think About When We Think About Soccer , as much MicreaEliade’sThe Sacred and The Profane may come handy for your answer.



  1. Can you develop ideas about race relations in Latin America considering the materials read and viewed in class? Please quote Eduardo Galeano, Julio Ramón Riveyro, John Ford’s Victory and Subcomandante Marcos in your answer.

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