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Wrongful Convictions

You are to write a brief (5-7 page) reflection paper on the ways in which the “normally operating” criminal justice system can lead to wrongful convictions.

Your emphasis should be on the “bigger picture” of how the cjs operates.
You will consider how wrongful convictions are not unlikely or surprising.
You can use any SCHOLARLY ARTICLES as reference but you should also use these:

Ericson, R. V. And Baranek, P (1982). The Ordering of Justice: A Study of Accused Persons as Dependants in the Criminal Process

Green, Melvyn, “Crown Culture and Wrongful Convictions: A Beginning” (2005) 29 CR (6th) 262

William W. Schwarzer, “Dealing with Incompetent Counsel: the Trial Judge’s Role” (1980) 93 Harvard Law Review 633.

Joan Brockman, “An offer you can’t refuse: pleading guilty when innocent” (2010) 56:1 Criminal Law Quarterly 116.

Cynthia J. Najdowski, “Stereotype Threat in Criminal Investigations: Why Innocent Black Suspects Are at Risk for Confessing Falsely” Psychology, Public Policy and Law 2011, Volume 17 (No 4) 562.

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