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Why is Android considered competition to itself?

Discuss the following topic. Minimum 250 words.

Android Inc. was initially started in 2003, out of frustration with the smartphone market as it existed at the time. It was acquired by Google in 2005, among one of the many reasons to target the Android platform, first and foremost is cost. Next is flexibility. Developers should develop as if they expect their app to be available to all Android devices.

  • Besides cost and flexibility, what additional factors influence mobile app developers to target the Android platform?
  • Why is Android considered competition to itself?
  • Why is it important to include activities, services, content providers and broadcast receivers within apps developed on the Android platform?

Run your submission through a grammar checker before submitting.

At least 2 (scholarly) journal sources should be used for each post.

Make your references in the correct APA 7 format and cite each reference at least once, but as many times as you rely on it. Citations support each sentence relying on a reference, not an entire paragraph. Do not use direct quotes, and do not plagiarize.

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