What types of life might be out there?

Describe an organism that you think could be found on a planet or moon in our solar system (other than Earth). Your description should include at least:

The energy source this organism uses to survive.
The type of environment where it would be found and how it is adapted to extreme conditions where it must survive.
How this world or moon provides this type of energy and environment.
Any other features that make this organism different or similar to lifeforms on Earth.

You will be marked on how well you use evidence from scientifically valid sources (e.g. articles from your discussions) to make your arguments. You should demonstration your understanding of the requirements for life and how extremophile life forms can adapt to find the requirements of life in extreme conditions.

Total Word Count should be about 500-1000 words.

You may use APA, MLA, or any other consistent academic format for citations.

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