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Health and well being of the cryosphere on Earth

health and well being of the cryosphere on Earth

Paper instructions:

1.) a.) At the present time, what can be said regarding the “health and well being of the cryosphere on Earth [some consider it to be a subsystem of the hydrosphere]?(+2)

b.) What is the approximate composition of Earth’s atmosphere [identify each gas and the percent in the atmosphere](+2)

c.) How do hurricanes figure into the atmosphere with respect to the redistribution of heat in the atmosphere?(+2)

2.) +4 What is the dynamic situation with respect to Earth’s composition which many believe to be in existence in the CORE of Earth ? Be specific as the core is complex!

3.) +3 As the text clearly states, the temperatures within the protoplanets increased due to the crush of gravity during rapid growth. Consider Earth and the increase of temperature in the “astronomic” phase of our planet. What other natural occurrence during the time of the astronomic Earth would have released heat to substantially increase the temperature within the protoplanet? Hint: think of a specific property of certain isotopes of certain elements.

4.) +3 [two parts] +1 what is the composition of a comet? +2 why does the tail of a comet always point away from the Sun as it passes through our Solar System?

5.) +3 [two parts] In addition to Earth, at least two other terrestrial planets have clear evidence of volcanic activity. Identify the two planets +2 Identify the planet with the largest volcano? +1

6.) +3 Astronomers continue to search for exoplanets. What is your “working definition” of an exoplanet? (+1) Is Pluto recognized as a planet in our solar system? Explain why or why not!! (+2)

7.) +3 Which terrestrial planet is said to have a “runaway greenhouse effect? a.) Mercury b.) Venus c.) Earth d.) Mars

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