Energy Literacy

Energy Literacy – Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts for Energy Education

In the “Energy Literacy – Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts for Energy Education” paper and in the movie “Switch – discover the future of energy”, there were several sources of renewable energy identified. Select one of the sources listed below and complete an investigation to answer the following questions. You may find the source useful in your investigation:

Renewable Energy Sources for Further Investigation:

1. Solar (there are several options with solar – describe which one you investigating)

2. Biomass waste

3. Biofuels

Answer the following questions relative to the alternative energy sources selected from the above list.

• Maximum points are awarded for thorough and thoughtful answers.

• List any sources used in your investigation.

• Responses MUST be submitted via Blackboard using Safe Assign.


1. Define what makes a source of energy renewable.

After selecting a renewable energy source from the list above, answer the following questions:

2. How available is this alternative energy source?

3. Is it affordable? Include a discussion of infrastructure required to make it mainstream.

4. Is it reliable? Could it be used as a base-load source? If not, explain why.

5. Is it considered clean? Compare emissions to those generated by coal or natural gas powered plants.

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