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What is a True Belief?

What is a True Belief?

Explain the four truth tests and illustrate each with an example of a belief that would be true by its standards. Remember to explain specific theories with supporting citations from the textbook and online lectures.

Example of the “What is a True Belief” assignment

To my understanding from our text on the correspondence theory of truth; a belief is valid if there exists a suitable substance – a reality – to which it relates. If there is no such element, the belief is false.

The paradigm for testing truth claims, which offer us the best odds of deciding the genuine truth when utilized together are:

1. Correspondence test: this is the belief that the truth ought to correspond to any other alternate fact or speculations. “If someone tells you snow is falling, you can verify this truth claim by looking out a window. To determine whether it is true that the soup is too salty, you can taste it.” (Mitchell, H. B. page 275.2015)

2. Coherence Test: this is the belief that one’s truth should fit the certainties of the real-world systems. This proposed truth of this claims that an individual must have a clarifying power (the capacity to give a record of that experience in the world). For instance, we can test a perspective for its abilities to clarify planetary inquiries like; is Pluto a plant or a star, ok prove or the Pythagorean theorem.

3. Ewe Creativity Test: “the workability of an idea that makes it true, but its power to bring about a better human situation.”; (Mitchell, H. B. page 281.2015.) and this also tests the rationality of a truth as a belief (does it work, all things considered, in real life?). In this way a belief must consolidate and meet the most philosophical human needs.

4. Pragmatic Test: this is an assessment for discerning consistency and it guarantees if a truth bodes well. It decides whether the beliefs are judiciously reliable inside themselves and in context to what others believe. (the perception of our world in general).


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