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Philosophy Critical thinking

PLEASE READ FIRST! MUST BE ONE PARAGRAPH FOR EVERY QUESTION! The professor wants this to be critical thinking!! No internet sources may be mentioned.
All questions must be answered

1. Explain some of the benefits a student may gain by studying philosophy.

2. Explain the Socratic Method of Teaching. Is this a useful way for students to learn?

3. Explain how critical thinking can be used to analyze a philosophical issue.

4. Compare and contrast induction, abduction, and deduction.

5. Explain some of the different areas of philosophy which will be discussed in this course.

6. Compare and contrast various views on substance such as materialism, dualism, and idealism.

7. Evaluate the 4 views as to the nature of universals and particulars.

8. Explain and evaluate the views of Anaximander regarding the nature of substance.

9. Explain and evaluate the views of Pythagoras regarding the nature of substance.

10. Explain Aristotle’s 4 causes.

11. Compare and contrast rationalism and empiricism.

12. Explain the difference between A priori and A posteriori knowledge.

13. Compare and contrast Foundationalism and Coherentism.

14. Compare and contrast pragmatic theories of truth with the correspondence theory of truth.

15. What are some of the implications of Gödel’s Theorem?

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