Web development

In this project::

  • You will propose to do an internet related project
  • Design your project and come up with a timeline.
  • Implement your project Test your project
  • Present your project to class.
  • Submit a project report which contains title page, table of contents, introduction, and review of literatures, proposed system overview, system implementation, results, conclusion remarks, and references.
    • Develop tutorials for software related to web development or internet computing which is not covered in this class
    • Develop a system which you think it will benefit your classmates.
    • Write a research paper which is related to internet computing.

Come up with a mission statement. Summary of what your project will do and what is the outcome and what is the impact to the society.

An appendix which contains all test run results, source codes, etc. shall also be included at the end of this report.

Also video files that related to your project if there is any.

Possible projects:

If you choose (a), then you will develop at least three tutorials which include short videos, system set up and installation if needed, lesson plan with step by step instructions for user to learn this new software. It may be a good project for a team of three. Also provide source codes for all tutorials

If you choose (b), you have to write a proposal first and discuss with your instructor with that proposal. Your proposal shall include title, mission statement (purpose, impact, and possible end results), and time lines. The final report shall be similar to project I.

If you choose (c), then talk to your instructor. Topics like web information retrieval, cloud computing, internet in education, internet gaming, social choice (internet voting system), internet data mining, big data, cybersecurity, etc. you have to do literature search first and then propose your idea and argument why your idea is good. Preliminary result is good enough here. The final report shall be a similar to a professional research paper which includes, title page (title, author(s)), abstract, Introduction, your proposed idea(s) or system. Make sure it includes some conclusion remarks and references.


Last Updated on February 11, 2019

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