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Software Engineering PROJECT 2


For Project 2, you are going to develop a blue-print for the system you discussed in Project 1 when reviewing one of the following systems:

(I wrote in Project 1 about this topic 

  • Marynet for student class registration )

  • Marynet for tuition bill management and payment
  • MU Alerts management system for students, faculty and staff
  • MU Online meal plans management system for students
  • MU Ballston Center Printing Stations for students’ mobile devices
  • Other preferred system with my approval


  • (A) Report
  • Briefly describe one problem that the system reviewed solves
  • Describe the functional requirements to solve the problem in 1 above
  • Model the functional requirements using a Use case template and Use diagram model
  • Prepare a class diagram model and describe the classes, class attributes and methods as well the class associations.
  • Describe two scenarios and prepare a flow of events for your sequence diagrams.
  • Prepare sequence diagram models for the two scenarios in 5 above
  • Describe two scenarios and prepare a flow of events for your activity diagrams
  • Prepare 2 activity diagram models for the scenarios in 6 above.

    (B) Presentation

Prepare a 5-minute PowerPoint presentation with the problem your project is addressing, a use-case diagram model, class diagram and 1 activity diagram model. ON presentation day, all slides must be pre-loaded on the podium desktop before presentations start.

Below is the rubric for Project 2

Report Structure (20 pts)Points
Clearly described problem addressed by system in review10
Properly written and coherent report in proper grammar and no misspellings5
Report Structure (cover page, table of contents, introduction, etc.)5
Technical Requirements (60 pts)
Properly filled use case template5
Use case diagram model (with appropriate notation)5
Class diagram description5
Class diagram model (with appropriate notation)5
2 Sequence diagrams models (5 pts for each sequence diagram model)10
Flow of events for each of the 2 sequence diagram scenarios (5pts each)10
2 Activity Diagrams (5 pts each)10
Flow of events for describing the scenario depicted in each activity of the 2 diagrams (5pts each)10
Presentation (20 pts)
Speaks clearly, uses appropriate body language and answers questions3
Clear Use case model Walkthrough5
Clear Class diagram model Walkthrough5
Clear 1 Activity diagram model Walkthrough5
Time management of 5 minutes including Q &A2


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