Software Engineering PROJECT 2


For Project 2, you are going to develop a blue-print for the system you discussed in Project 1 when reviewing one of the following systems:

(I wrote in Project 1 about this topic 

  • Marynet for student class registration )

  • Marynet for tuition bill management and payment
  • MU Alerts management system for students, faculty and staff
  • MU Online meal plans management system for students
  • MU Ballston Center Printing Stations for students’ mobile devices
  • Other preferred system with my approval


  • (A) Report
  • Briefly describe one problem that the system reviewed solves
  • Describe the functional requirements to solve the problem in 1 above
  • Model the functional requirements using a Use case template and Use diagram model
  • Prepare a class diagram model and describe the classes, class attributes and methods as well the class associations.
  • Describe two scenarios and prepare a flow of events for your sequence diagrams.
  • Prepare sequence diagram models for the two scenarios in 5 above
  • Describe two scenarios and prepare a flow of events for your activity diagrams
  • Prepare 2 activity diagram models for the scenarios in 6 above.

    (B) Presentation

Prepare a 5-minute PowerPoint presentation with the problem your project is addressing, a use-case diagram model, class diagram and 1 activity diagram model. ON presentation day, all slides must be pre-loaded on the podium desktop before presentations start.

Below is the rubric for Project 2

Report Structure (20 pts) Points
Clearly described problem addressed by system in review 10
Properly written and coherent report in proper grammar and no misspellings 5
Report Structure (cover page, table of contents, introduction, etc.) 5
Technical Requirements (60 pts)
Properly filled use case template 5
Use case diagram model (with appropriate notation) 5
Class diagram description 5
Class diagram model (with appropriate notation) 5
2 Sequence diagrams models (5 pts for each sequence diagram model) 10
Flow of events for each of the 2 sequence diagram scenarios (5pts each) 10
2 Activity Diagrams (5 pts each) 10
Flow of events for describing the scenario depicted in each activity of the 2 diagrams (5pts each) 10
Presentation (20 pts)
Speaks clearly, uses appropriate body language and answers questions 3
Clear Use case model Walkthrough 5
Clear Class diagram model Walkthrough 5
Clear 1 Activity diagram model Walkthrough 5
Time management of 5 minutes including Q &A 2


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