Info Tech Writing Assignment 4

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  1. Short Answer Questions

Answer the following short answer questions (1–2 paragraphs each). Please include questions in your submission.

  1. Why are SDLCs important? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional SDLC versus prototyping.
  2. Discuss the documentation produced at the various stages of the systems development life cycle.
  3. Discuss why it is important to establish objectives for systems development.
  4. Project

Choose one (1) of the following projects and write a 1–2 page paper.

Project A

Using the Internet, research current issues in outsourcing and on demand computing. Prepare a 1–2 page paper discussing the impact of outsourcing and on demand computing on the businesses in the United States. Have these two trends helped the U.S. economy or hurt it?

Project B

Using the Internet, research object-oriented systems development. What are the advantages of the object-oriented approach? What are the disadvantages of this approach? What are some of the popular programming languages and systems development tools currently being used to carry out object-oriented systems development? Write a 1–2 page paper discussing your findings.


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