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Wawa: Blue Ocean Retailing

Case analyses should be approached as though you are a marketing manager whose responsibility it is to assess the situation and present three long-term strategies to the board of directors. Based on your understanding of the case and external research on the CURRENT situation, what are the three best strategies to revitalize and/or improve public perception to the same target market and/or alternative markets? Please do not limit yourself to the specifics of the case when formulating your strategies.

Think ‘BIG PICTURE’ (ethical objectives, internal/external factors, complementary products/industries, sustainability, alternative products/services, cultural assessment, pricing changes, etc.). Your strategic recommendations should be 1) measurable and 2) broad enough to encompass the direction of the brand for at least 5 years. At the same time, analyses should explain IN DETAIL the logic and process behind implementing such initiatives.

Please do not provide vague recommendations. Please use the critical thinking rubric (on blackboard) as a guideline and checklist for your submissions. All case study submissions should be submitted through TurnItIn on the due date before the start of class (no exceptions- late assignments will not be accepted)



Last Updated on February 14, 2019

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