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Business Processes and Supply Chain Management

Business Processes and Supply Chain Management

This project contains several phases:Data collection, data analysis, interpretation of results, organization of writing, and presentation.The data collection phase requires two students to work as a team.

The objective of this project is to study the arrival and service patterns of the drive-through facility of a selected service provider (e.g. the McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.).This project requires your group to visit the store at the same location at three different times. The guidelines below must be followed for this project:

  • Choose the store for the project.The store you choose should have a drive-through facility which is observable from a reasonable and safe distance by your group.Since you need to conduct your field observation at this store for at least three times of one hour each, you should choose one that is reasonably accessible for your project partner.
  • Decide on the time (e.g. 9:00 – 10:00 am) when your group will conduct the field observation. Stick with the same time and weekday for all the three weeks.
  • Perform the observation on weekdays (i.e. Monday – Thursday). It is preferable not to pick a Monday as the beginning day of the week may show some unexpected activity patterns in terms of customer arrival patterns.
  • Make sure you visit the same restaurant on the same weekday during the same one hour for consistency.
  • Field observation activities: Each time you are there, one person will count the number of cars arriving at end of the line during each of the 5-minute time slots inthat one hour, while another person record the times each car starts and ends making its order.
  • The beginning time and finish time for the ordering process MUST be recorded very clearly on the data collection sheets provided.
  • Each day of observation should be carried out by both group members so that neither of the two members will be required to divide his or her attention for observing both the arrival number and the ordering times.
  • You need to produce evidence such as photos for each day of field study to illustrate that BOTH member have attended the data collection.
  • The data so collected should allow you to derive the amount of time each car spends at receiving the service, and the number of cars arrives to join the line.
  • You need to collect a minimum of thirty-six (36) 5-minute slot observations for this assignment.
  • You need to prepare and preprint the data collection forms for the documentation of your observation data (need to be turned in with your project).
  • It is necessary for your group to take photos to help explaining how the group members share the project assignment, the location, and the environment for each day you spend on the site.

This is the first phase of the project, which should commence no later than next week, and definitely not later than within two weeks.

Business Processes and Supply Chain Management

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