Nitrogen Cycling

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Activity 3: Nitrogen Cycling

Introduction: In this assignment you’ll look at two GIS data layers that have to do with nitrogen cycling in the environment and human impact on this cycling. The goal is for you to identify geographic patterns between the two layers to better understand how nitrogen and runoff are related.

hin the document. Once completed, save your answers and upload to Blackboard before the deadline.

Part 1: ArcGIS Online Mapping

Log into your ArcGIS Online account and add the two layers from the Living Atlas collection:

  • GLDAS Runoff 2000 – Present
  • Change in Marine Nitrogen Flow

For each layer, read over its details to understand how it was created and what it represents. To find the details for the layer, you can go to Details>Content>… (under the layer name when you hover)>Show Item Details.

  1. Take a screenshot of your map with the two layers. Paste the screenshot here.
  2. Please complete the information in the table below:
  What does the layer show? Units of measurement Briefly describe how the layer was created



GLDAS Runoff Layer




Marine Nitrogen Layer







Part 2: Reflection

Please respond to the following:

  1. How are these two layers related to nitrogen cycling in the environment?
  2. How is nitrogen related to eutrophication?
  3. In which areas along the North American coast would you expect to find eutrophication?
  4. Click on the nitrogen flow polygons to get the values for nitrogen flow.
    1. What is the nitrogen flow value for the polygon just north of Cape Cod?
    2. What is the nitrogen flow value for the polygon along the northern Gulf Coast (between Florida and Texas)?
  5. Why do you think the Gulf Coast value is so much higher? How is this related to farming in the Midwest and the Mississippi River?



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