Water Science Analysis

  1. Take the “Clean Water Quiz” at https://www.proprofs.com/ and tell us what you think.

More to read: Water Pollution Assignment

  1. Please seek out reputable online resources on water science. You may target water science sections of government agencies (e.g. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, US Department of Agriculture,US Environmental Protection Agency, US Geological Survey, etc.), non-governmental organizations (e.g., United Nations Environmental Programme, WaterAid, etc.) or local agencies or organizations.

Try to avoid opinion pieces and news stories, as our focus in this course is on scientific content. Choose a story that interests you and present a summary of it here. Use your own words. Do *not* paste in text directly from the web site. The idea is to read the article and report back to us.

For example, why did you select the article; why is this topic important? What are the important issues in water science?

Consider adding water science related Pictures to your posts when you find them, as they enhance the discussion.


Last Updated on February 20, 2021

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