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Water Pollution Assignment

“Tapped,” Water lecture, & Water. Briefly write about 3 things or aspects from the movie or any material presented down there (links) that you did not know before, or that surprised you (these could be the “ahh…haa” moments).  This assignment is meant for you to reflect on water as a vital resource for life.

Limit your reflective essay to 1 page.   2. After reviewing the various videos and materials links down there, share with the class at least three things from this material that really caught your attention Also, respond to my prompt below: Our clean drinking water is in peril.  Whether it is from toxins leeching into water contained in disposable water bottles, contamination of underground drinking aquifers from fracking, or the privatization of water by big companies, how will you prepare yourself if water becomes a limiting resource for you and your family (i.e. you no longer have access to a trustable source of clean fresh drinking water).  “Pop quiz hotshot,” (movie “Speed”)  what do you do if you can’t access clean drinkable water….what do you do?

1 page 3. You are going to post 5 pictures with a supportive statement for each picture defending why you think it is water pollution.  You can choose any type of water pollution scenario presented down there, i.e. point source, non-point source, thermal, fracking, etc. I have provided a video of how to use Google maps to complete this assignment.  Please review that video.

1 page

Total (for this 3 questions) = 3 pages Watch this video: “Tapped” What are the policies regarding fracking waste water Visit these links: Ocean Garbage Patch Videos


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