True meaning of Education

After studying the four sources, write a well supported argumentative paper to discuss the true worth, or lack thereof, of higher education.

What is the true meaning of Education?

These articles are from the Writing Arguments textbook, and also available on Google
1. Rebecca Mead, “Learning by Degrees” P. 433
2. Scott L. Newstok, “A Plea for “Close Learning”P. 451

3. Chrissie Long, “The Changing Face of Higher Education: The Future of the Traditional
University Experience.” P. 455

Essay Assignment:

Select any one of the three articles listed above. In addition to the article you choose from the textbook,
research three academically scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles on the same issue. You will be using a
total of four sources in this essay. After studying the four sources, write a well supported argumentative
paper to discuss the true worth, or lack thereof, of higher education. What is the true meaning of
Your research articles should come from the UTSA databases. The commonly used databases are:
JSTOR; LEXIS NEXIS: Full-text database (covering current events); ProQuest; Britannica Online; CQ
Researcher; EBSCOhost: Includes citations and abstracts from journals in most disciplines; ERIC;
Academic search complete
Do not use any print sources (NO BOOKS). Reason being, I want to access the exact sources you use in
your research. When you use printed sources, accessing your sources becomes difficult in an online
environment. You can use the eBooks available through the UTSA databases. But do not use print

MLA Documentation

Make sure you use in-text citations (attributive tags, & parenthetical citations, and give credit to your
sources. For more details read the “MLA Documentation” lecture posted on Blackboard. Cite your
sources in MLA style as articles accessed through a database, and at the end of each source add the
complete URL.
Avoid using first and second person speech; write the paper in third person. Do not address your
audience as you.
Essay due

Late work will be collected with a penalty of 5 points per day. Assignments not turned in on time will not
receive any feedback.
 Purpose: To persuade an audience about your position on the chosen topic.
 Audience: Your professor and Peers
 Genre/Form: Written academic research synthesis essay.
 Length: 3 ½ – 4 ½ pages, double-spaced. Font size 12 Times New Roman. Works cited page will
be an additional page.
 Document format: MLA
 Support: Use in-text citations. Both: attributive tags and parenthetical citations
 Get your readers’ attention.
 Introduce the topic.
 Present a clearly stated claim.
 Make sure your paper has a thesis statement, and the paper supports the thesis
 Develop your thesis by using concrete, specific facts, details, and examples.
 Use your sources (assigned readings) to develop your claim.
 Use sources adequately. Do not under or over do them
 Remember to anticipate the opposition to your position.
 Remember to answer that opposition to your position.
Conclusion: Don’t just stop writing; provide closure for your reader.
Works Cited: Include a detailed MLA Works Cited page.
Criteria for Success:
 State claim clearly.
 Relate all support to claim.
 Use concrete, specific, and accurate facts, details, and examples to support the claim.
 Anticipate the opposition to your position.
 Provide a response to your opposition based on logical and accurate information.
 Express ideas in clear, complete sentences.
 Edit carefully for Standard American English and punctuation.
 Internally cite all sources, whether quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing.
Turn in your assignments as Microsoft Word or rtf documents only. Do not submit PDF files.

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