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Transcription Analysis

Transcription Analysis


Present your analysis and how you would apply this practical knowledge to teaching/learning English and/or other languages.

Based on the assignment. You may do this Analysis, please.

1. Analysis: (2pages)

A detailed analysis of one linguistic feature of your text using terminology and concepts from the course. Give detailed examples by indicating the line of the transcription in which they occur so that your claims can be warranted. This part will be submitted individually, so indicate clearly which part of the analysis each group member was responsible for.

Provide the following information:

• All the occurrences of your linguistic feature.

• A linguistic description of the feature and the rules governing its use in English.

• An analysis of the specific nature of its use in your text.

2.Implication for classroom teaching/practice: (1 page)

Describe how you might teach or raise awareness about your findings in your classroom.

Address the following questions:

• What aspects of your analysis are relevant to your second language teaching/learning? Why are they relevant?

• What kinds of lessons would you bring to your classroom in what circumstances concerning the feature you analyzed in the previous part?

• What kinds of outcomes would you expect from the lesson that you would be teaching?

3. Additional Question(100 words): How is meaning affected by the position of the addresser/addressee?

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