Peace studies

Peace studies

Essay topic: When is external intervention into post-conflict situations justified and what are the criteria to be used in making this judgement?

Please take note that this is a Masters level essay. The use of critical thinking is a must.

Please use sub-headings, diagrams, tables and statistics.

Referencing style:

Please use author date – as explained at Click on author-date choice.

Please note that the full stop comes after the bracket as in (Smith 1999:31-32). If you are referring to a web site provide the link and the date consulted

accessed 20/03/2018.

I have uploaded the course notes for this course which you may find useful. If there are any readings you would like or need, please ask me and I will upload them.

Here is a list of useful sites. This list is by no means exhaustive but several of these sites provide links to further sites of interest.

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