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Total quality management

total quality management

As per our course description, you are required to submit a final project of not less than 12 pages covering the four learning outcomes of quality management. The successful completion of the final project will give us a good level of understanding of how to incorporate quality right from the planning stage, understand the concept of TQM, analyze the role of TQM in management of operations in service and manufacturing organizations, evaluate the techniques and tools used for quality improvement and examine the writings and contributions of quality experts as it relate to you as an individual and the organization you work for.

Use what you have learned in TQM especially from the three experts, Juran, Cosby, Deming, quality improvement process and techniques (for both service and manufacturing) and choose any topic which will be approved by the instructor that you interested in (it could be your working organization or business). Identify a problem in your work or school activities. Outline a plan for using TQ(Deming, Six Sigma DMAIC) to improve it. Try to analyze the system and working process of the organization. Find out the gaps if any that needs improvement, give a brief explanation of what the cause of main problem and what positive or negative effects of such a problem as it reflect on the quality and productivity of the services that the organization provides. The project should be structured in the following format:

1. Brief introduction of the organization/business

2. What services the organization providers

3. Who are the stakeholders (Customers)

4. Recommendation

5. References if any

Your analysis and discussion should be simple and in the context of what we have learned in TQM.

The paper will be presented to the class and they will also help in the evaluation and grading of the paper.

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