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Quality Management concepts, techniques

The purpose of the Course Project is to apply the various Quality Management concepts, techniques and practices to real-world scenarios. Within the organization you have chosen, and given the importance for today’s corporations to deliver quality products and services to customers and to achieve a competitive edge, these projects require you to apply the concepts, techniques and practices of total quality management to achieve strategic business objectives in today’s environment.

You will select an organization/company that provides a service or produces a product. The selected organization will be the subject for all parts of the project.

Select an organization / company and prepare an assessment of the quality philosophy that you see applied within that organization / company.

  • Describe this organization and its production process (service or product), and evaluate if its actions and commitment to quality translate its mission statement.
  • How is this mission statement and the management vision transmitted to employees?
  • Paper length: 500-words including 2 pages of text (double spaced, 12 point, 1 inch margins), a cover page, and a reference page (total of 4 pages).


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