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Examination Shipping Economics and Finance


  1. Analyze the factors that influence demand within the shipping market.

(30 marks)

  1. Examine the stages of a short shipping cycle and differentiate how they affect supply in the market.

(26 marks)

  1. Discuss the reasons why a ship owner may wish to sell a vessel and explain the stages of the sales procedure.

(24 marks)

  1. With the aid of a sketch, determine how the freight rate mechanism achieves equilibrium.

(20 marks)

Task: You are required to write a report on an organization you are familiar with.

  1. ‘A systems view of a service organization is paramount to the success of operations management, with the concept of quality meeting the needs of customers.’

Evaluate this statement with regards to the elements and classification of an operating system, considering the key operational issues that influence quality in a service organization. Using appropriate models and theories, analyze and evaluate quality chains and the role of operations management in these quality chains.

  1. Critically appraise and classify your organizations operating systems in relation to the principles of operations management. Analyze and evaluate your quality chains and the role of operations management in these chains, recommending areas for future improvements to your operations systems and management.

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