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Theory Reflection Assignment

Assignment – Theory Reflection

Based on your client project, apply a theory that helps inform group’s investigation of the topic.

Research Hypothesis:

How do various social media sources/ contents/ formats affect women’s sports perceptions?

What (in social media conversation) motivates people to pay more attention to women’s sport streaming services?

The effectiveness of online women’s sport streaming services advertisements.

Investigation and exploration about the gap between women’s sports and men’s sports.

Comparison between social media user engagement (perception of sports) of women’s sports and men’s sports posts

Theory Key Words:

social media participation (sentiment/ user engagement)

The theory MUST related to one of the hypothesis above and the key words.

The assignment should include:

  1. Identify a theory that is relevant to your group’s client project. Define the theory and its related concepts. Summarize any persistent findings derived from the theory and the methods that are typically employed to test the theory.
  2. Provide an argument for how and why the theory applies to your project. Analyze and interpret existing literature using the theory. Draw out and synthesize the relevant research findings from the literature and discuss how they inform your topic exploration.
  3. Conclude with a summary of the gaps in knowledge around your topic. Discuss the opportunities in your client project for building on and contributing to your selected theory.

This document should not exceed three double-spaced pages (Times New Roman, size 12, 1” margins). This assignment should follow an essay format. Make sure that your arguments are concise and well-supported with appropriate citations. Any claims you make must include a supporting reference with resources found in peer-reviewed journals.

On this assignment, avoid using first-person narrative, instead remaining in a more neutral third-person objective voice (e.g., “this study aims to..” rather then “we aim to..”). You must include a reference list with all citations formatted in APA style (guide here: )

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