The Old Gringo

The Old Gringo

Must have quotes from : "The Old Gringo" by Carlos Fuentes

The essay must be based on any of this prompts:

The Old Gringo Themes

1.Frontiers, Borders, Bridges.

2.Absent fathers,–the ghosts of fathers haunting the present.

3.Arroyo?kills his father?rejection by the father

4.Harriet?pretends her father is alive and tried to preserve a rosy memory of him

5.Bierce?conflict between fathers and sons

6.Bierce as the absent father who figuratively and literarily kills his children

7.Hearst as Bierce?s ?father? who uses and betrays him

8.Differences between the philosophic/life views in Mexico and the US

9. Arroyo?one?s personal history is the history of Mexico

10. The value (or lack of) the written word.

11. Hearst uses words to invent the need for war.

12. Bierce swears to write the most beautiful poem in the world?never does. Sees all his writings

as a sham because he was unable to shape and change the thoughts of people.

13. Internal struggles of each character.

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