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In your initial post, describe a situation when you compared two variables and calculated the slope of their linear regression line. For example, you may have said that packages cost $5 to ship plus $1.50 per additional item

The multiple linear regression is similar to the simple linear regression with more than one independent variables (predictors). For example, we want to find the multiple regression equation in which the response (y) variable is the height of a daughter and the predictor (x) variables are the height of the mother and height of the father. The StatCrunch results are shown below:

According to the results above, the regression equation is

Height of Daughter = 14.22 + 0.047*Height of Father + 0.725*Height of Mother.

Since the p-value of the results of the Analysis of variance table for multiple regression model is 0.0001, which is small, it indicated that the multiple regression equation has good overall significance and is usable for predictions. That is, it makes sense to predict the heights of daughters based on heights of mothers and fathers.

For example, if the height of father and mother are 74 and 69, respectively, the predicted of daughter is 14.22 + 0.047*74 + 0.725*69 = 67.7.

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