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The Odyssey analytical essay

The Odyssey by Robert Fitzgerald analytical essay

Assignment: Write a 1500-word analytical essay proving a thesis that answers one of the questions below.

Reminders: Characters’ names must be spelled the way they appear in the Robert Fitzgerald translation of The Odyssey used in class. Upload paper to D2L as .doc, .docx, or .pdf. Do not upload directly from Google Docs.

Please see further instructions for this paper on pg. 2 of this document.


How can the goddess Athena be seen as a metaphor in those moments in The Odyssey where she appears to influence Odysseus and other characters? A metaphor for what? (You can’t cover all of these in this short paper and will have to focus on a few well-chosen instances.)

The Odyssey analytical essay Instructions

Outside research is very, verystrongly discouraged, as it tends to restrict and confuse original thinking and can sometimes lead to plagiarism, deliberate or inadvertent. You should use your own brain, the books, your brain, your reading notes and notes from class, and your brain to complete the assignment. Discussing the essay questions and ways of about going about answering them with other students from the class is fine, even encouraged. The essays themselves, though, must be your own work.

Remember that an essay is the proof of a thesisthrough analysis (aka close reading) of textual evidence.

Essays will be evaluated for both form and content; these are defined below. For a more thorough description, please see the document on D2L called Characteristics of an A Essay. Also on D2L, please see the Guide to Formatting and Documenting Quotations.

Content includes:
the quality of the essay’s argument and the sophistication of its thesis
the degree to which the analysis proves the thesis
the accurate representation of facts and concepts
no plot summary beyond what is needed for the contextualization of evidence

Form includes:
the presence of a complete thesis statement (claim + reasons)
the presentation of a logical progression of connected ideas
the clarity and coherence of paragraphs organized around a topic sentence
grammatical sentences (points specifically deducted for excessive grammatical errors)
the use of precise and substantive language
the grammatically correct incorporation of correctly formatted and documented quotations from the text in your own sentences
no quotations longer than three lines
all quotations discussed in terms of their meaning and significance
length = 1400-1500 words; essay = double spaced with 1” margins; font = Cambria 11, Times New Roman 11, or Calibri 11; no extra spaces between p

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