Questions – Film Genres

Film Genres

Short Answer:

Please answer three (3) of the following questions in short, two or three sentence answers.

1. Why does Halloween (John Carpenter, 1978) mark the beginning of the Slasher genre?

2. How does a camera style help establish the sub-genre of Slasher films?

3. What was the audience for 2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick, 1969) when it was first released?

4. Why did 2001: A Space Odyssey allow for the creation of Star Wars (George Lucas, 1977)?

Essay Questions:

Please answer three (3) of the following questions in short essay form. No less than three paragraphs per answer. Please use the space to fully develop your answer to best encompass your understanding of the topic.

1. How did German Expressionist film styles influence Universal Horror films of the early 1930s?

2. Are genre films a reflection of society or a distraction for society?

3. What is the value of genre to an audience?

4. Before a film is released to the audiences, does it have a genre?

5. Can melodrama be considered a meta-genre for all American genre films?

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